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Poster design, Illustration

Character illustration and poster for the Bulgarian VIJ Magazine and their series of cultural events taking place in the ex “Zruncho” factory – a beloved corn snack during the 80s in Bulgaria.

Green Skills for Hydrogen

Visual identity, Graphic & Web design 

Green Skills for Hydrogen project will design and implement a Hydrogen Skills Strategy, develop, test and rollout training programmes across Europe, and establish a partnership between Industry and Education. This initiative is funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme and will help meet EU targets by fast-tracking the upskilling and reskilling of students and members of the workforce all over Europe.

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Editorial & Web Design

“Mimesis” presents a collage of selected self-portraits by Jacopo Benassi in a multi-layered textile patchwork made by Blood Becomes Water. The image of the artwork was used to create an A2 folded poster publication, containing information about the project and the artist. It was printed on Armen Paper® – a stone paper which is infinitely recyclable and naturally resistant to water or grease.

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EXE Club

Concept & Animation

Series of visuals for the weekly communication of EXE nightclub in Sofia and its beach bar near Sozopol throughout the second half of 2022. The task was to re-envision the logo every week – as a static or an animated illustration, which could attract the attention to the program and surprise the viewers. We have developed 22 different designs as well as additional illustrations for separate events.

Concept sketch and animation: Raya Boteva
Final illustration and color scheme: Robin Renard

Jack of Heart – Tourniquet 2023

Selection, Video & Editing

Video teaser for the franco-belgian band Jack of Heart and their tour in February 2023.

Footage: Raya Boteva, Bolke Harns, Gonzaï, Pál Csühes, Tétine Citrique, Arnauld Vallée, Jean Dewailly.
Music: “If you go to hell” by Jack of Heart

La Grande Bouffe

Selection, Layout & Cover

A publication by Sterput/E² gallery in Brussels featuring work by various artists on the theme “La Grande Bouffe”. 

UCLouvain FUCaM Mons

Storyboard, Graphic design

Promotional video series for different departments at the University of Louvain.

Burgas Film Festival

Illustration & Graphic design

Visual proposal for the 7th edition of Burgas International Film Festival.

EU Alumni

Storyboard, Graphic design

Video show reel for the EU Alumni project.

Interreg Europe CYBER

Selection, Storyboard, Graphic Design

Video about Interreg Europe’s CYBER project, which supports small and medium innovators creating synergies between European cybersecurity Smart Regions.

Teenage Hearts – Just another clown

Storyboard, Animation

2D video clip for Nantes-based band, Teenage Hearts, featuring their mascot “Heart” character created by illustrator Robin Renard in 2017. The video includes 12 hand-drawn frames and several states of the character in motion. The script and the animation present a classic approach of a “walking in the street” story.

Storyboard: Robin Renard, Raya Boteva, Bart De Vrantijk
Illustration and Character design: Robin Renard
Character and video animation: Raya Boteva
Music: Teenage Hearts

Business Incubator Communities: BIC Africa

Visual identity, Graphic design

BIC Africa is a regional network supporting selected business incubators (BIs) in stimulating entrepreneurship and creating new innovative start-ups in Eastern and Southern Africa, with a specific focus on youth and women. The project aims to strengthen entrepreneurship and foster decent job creation and sustainable livelihoods by supporting business incubators, tech hubs and innovators of all kinds.


Project identity, Graphic Design

Since 2010 there is a strong commitment from FAO, WOAH and PAHO to fight AMR, working together to mitigate the risks in the interconnection among the human health, animal health and the environment. In this context, the organizations joined forces in the implementation of the project ‘Working Together to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance’ and ensure a coherent “One Health” approach.

African Single Electricity Market – AfSEM

Graphic design

The African Single Electricity Market (AfSEM) paves the way for one of the largest electricity markets in the world, covering the AU’s 55 Member States and a population of over 1.3 billion. As a part of Communication package I have been working on the project over the past two years and delivered a series of communication materials, infographics, reports and was involved in production of the AfSEM official launch video.

AEDIB logo

Visual identity, Graphic design

The “African European Digital Innovation Bridge – AEDIB” aims to connect and develop digital innovation ecosystems in Africa and Europe – thereby creating high-quality solutions for SDG challenges and boosting a resilient digital economy.

Circ4Life Project

Storyboard, Graphic design

Circ4Life aims to co-create circular economy solutions with all relevant stakeholders, engage citizens in collaborative reuse & recycling and promote sustainable consumption.

Key Results Brochure

Illustration adaptation, Graphic design

“Contributing to results in partner countries around the world” brochure by the European Commission, presents a selection of EU-funded interventions ongoing or completed between 2013 and 2018.

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European Film Festival

Visual identity, Graphic design

The European Film Festival is a highly anticipated annual event that celebrates the region’s cultural diversity and the appreciation of international films. It features film screenings with movies from more than 20 European countries.

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Isle of Art

Graphic design

Isle of Art is a one of a kind book, that showcases a series of visits around Iceland, mapping out the artistic landscape by introducing its key artists, curators, framers, collectors and gallerists as well as art spaces, outdoor artworks and museums.

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Investigation file:
Dobry Bodganoff 

Concept & Graphic design

This is a personal project that focuses on the last years of the life of Dobry Bogdanoff, uncle of my grandmother, who left Bulgaria in 1906. It features a small collection of letters written by Bogdanoff himself, several family photos, and the only information available on the Internet: data of the census in the United States and an obituary in the Chicago Tribune. The publication aims to restore the loss of kinship during the years of immigration and transition by looking for descendants, relatives, and people who knew Dobry and his family.

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Science14 – Welcome pack

Graphic design

Science14 is green and modern business premises located in the heart of the European district. The building is the home for more than 100 organisations and a social work-space for its international network of professionals and business community, hosting hundreds of meetings per year. The brochure set for its potential clients and visitors is divided in 3 dedicated booklets according to their interest. The design conveys the green and elegant identity of the venue.

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Graphic design, Animation

Ubeeqo Carsharing Summer/Autumn 2017 online & offline campaign, including billboards, public transport, gadgets, street actions, landing pages, banners and social media. The campaign takes a rather alternative way to market the product suggesting it as an extra mobility solution. The use cases represent an original approach to illustrate the occasions a car sharing solution can be of great help, aiming to get as close as possible to the user’s everyday life.

Full case study

See you there

Web design and development

See you there is an online magazine exploring the best that Belgium has to offer off the beaten path in art, music, fashion and food. The heart of See you there is the weekly agenda “7 Days in Belgium”, featuring carefully curated cultural events from across the country.

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Ten words and one shot

Graphic design, Illustration

Volume V from the blog/book series “Ten Words And One Shot” by Deutsche & Japaner is presenting artists through an interview of 10 short answers and one photo in a printed publication. The editions are limited, and each spread is designed by a different creative. The book was published by Kevin Krumnikl.