Green Skills for Hydrogen


What I did
  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Communication materials
  • Video storyboard and editing
  • Web design
Work done at CP Europe

Paving the way for a clean Hydrogen economy in Europe

Green Skills for Hydrogen is a project that develops, tests and conducts training programmes on hydrogen across Europe, with the goal to establish a partnership between Industry and Education. This initiative is funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme and aims to help meet EU targets by fast-tracking the upskilling and reskilling of students and members of the workforce all over Europe.

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The logo

The logo uses the simple but more recognizable symbol for Hydrogen, which is its chemical formula – H2. The formula is presented in handwriting, which reminds us of school/lab notes and learning. Handwriting also has a friendlier and more playful look, which breaks the visual limits of the scientific nature of the project and gives an accessible feel to the general public.

Along with its own logo, the project must ensure the visibility of the EU emblem in all communication to acknowledge the support received under the EU programme.

Colors & fonts

Icons style

Based on Streamline’s Core Line library