Sarah Schug


  • Book & cover
  • Website
Technical specifications
  • Dimensions: 20×26,5cm
  • Weight: 1041g
  • Pages: 256
  • Cover: 350g cardboard, with flaps, matte finishing
  • Body: 140g uncoated paper
  • Binding: perfect bound
  • Language: English
  • Printer: KOPA, Lithuania
  • Edition: 500
  • ISBN: 978-94-6388081-7

A journey through Iceland’s art scene

Isle of Art is a one of a kind book, that showcases series of visits around Iceland, mapping out the artistic landscape by introducing its key artists, curators, framers, collectors and gallerists as well as art spaces, outdoor artworks and museums.

The Task

Author Sarah Schug had collected impressive amounts of material during her years of research on the subject as well as visual documentation by photographer Pauline Miko. The challenge was to put everything together in a single publication that organises the work in a logical order as well as creating an appealing book, that everybody wants in their library. Once the book was completed, the development of a dedicated web page and store was necessary, in order to share the project and its outcomes.

Isle of Art book on National Icelandic TV

In the video below, Sarah Schug talks about Isle of Art project and team in an interview with journalist Egill Helgason during his show Kiljan – a television programme with interest in literature.

Isle of Art book online

The second part of Isle of Art project was to build its website and online store. The page has played an important visibility role for the book launch, as well as making it available for purchase from any point of the world. The task required full technical setup and design.

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