Project type
Personal within BBW collective


  • Concept & research
  • Illustrations
  • Book layout and design
Technical specifications
  • format 155mm x 210mm
  • 34 pages
  • digital print on 180 gr paper
  • 260gr cover
  • handmade paper cut & bound
  • edition of 44 copies
  • printed in Beijing (Made in China)

BBW: Tetraphobia

During a 1-month art residency in Beijing, I have worked on a publication that explores the sensitivity of Chinese people to tetraphobia. The project in developed in collaboration with artist Rosie Eisor and showcases the fear of number 4 as a thought related to the similar by sound in Chinese, word for “death”. The concept presents number 4 as a part of all lucky & unlucky numbers, and reflects on the fact that death could be found everywhere if you think about it, but at the same time it is an inevitable part of life, just like 4 cannot be excluded from all numbers.