Виж! Magazine


What I did
  • Character illustration
  • Poster and printed ad variation

VIJ! Magazine comes to life

“ВИЖ! НА ЖИВО” is a captivating series of events that blend various artistic genres, all inspired by the central themes that ‘VIJ!’ Magazine has explored over its 11-year history. These encompass visual arts, music, cinema, literature, performing arts, ecology, education, and the urban environment.

The events unfold throughout the seasons, showcasing a diverse array of local and international artists, authors, and organizers. Embracing the magazine’s rich legacy, ‘ВИЖ! НА ЖИВО’ unfolds within the dynamic space of LOFT – the former corn snack factory known as ‘Zruncho.’

Each event offers a platform for dialogue and collaboration between creative communities. By exploring both the current opportunities and future prospects within the artistic realms, these gatherings encourage meaningful conversations and the exchange of fresh ideas. ‘ВИЖ! НА ЖИВО’ creates an immersive experience, celebrating the vibrant intersection of art and culture in the heart of ‘Zruncho’s’ industrial charm.